My Love for the Ocean, Swimming, and Sailboats

The ocean is where I find my peace. The warm salt wind on my face and the waves around me make me feel alive. I love the taste of salt on my lips and inside my nose, and the soft touches of the ocean on my body. It's where I find the perfect balance between relaxation and hard physical work.

My love for swimming started when I was a teenager, but it wasn't until I saw my wife swim the breaststroke perfectly that I became determined to learn how to swim properly. I bought a few books and started training myself five times a week in the pool. Now, I'm crazy about swimming and love the sense of lightness in the water and the freedom it provides. Swimming has also helped me build my body and become healthier.

Breaking through the water with the grace of the butterfly stroke // Photo by Anna Gorkovaya

Another passion of mine is sailing boats. I love the clean energy of the movement when using the wind and the unique style and spirit of sailboats. Once you've sailed, you'll love it for the rest of your life. I dream of buying my own boat someday and traveling around the world with my family. I like the warm climate and the idea of living on a boat. Someday, I will make my dreams a reality.

For me, the ocean, swimming, and sailboats are all connected. They represent a sense of adventure, freedom, and peace that I can't find anywhere else. I truly believe that everyone should experience the joy of being out on the water, feeling the sun and wind on their face, and being surrounded by the beauty of the ocean.

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Jamie Larson